Color and Inspiration

Choosing The Right Colors For You

You’ve said “Yes” and the excitement is brewing! Now it’s time to make very important decisions like picking the venue, date and the season. All so very important decisions. One that will take time and priority will be choosing the perfect color palette! This isn’t always the easy part. Choosing the right color palette can be the most stressful decision you have to make as the colors will set the foundation of your wedding. But don’t stress, here is a quick little guide to help selecting your wedding hues.

Think Seasons

Depending on what season you choose, you want your colors to play off that season or which would work best. Spring weddings, for example, are made of more subtle soft colors like pastels and corals. For summer, brighter colors like Caribbean blue, majestic purple, grape and even mustard. Think about the shades you want to use to bring out the season.

Let Your Setting Be an Inspiration

Whether your wedding happens on a beach or a ranch in the country, the setting should speak to you. Consider the natural aesthetics that will surround you. Find the palette that feels natural and timeless. There are no rules that tell you there is no thinking outside the box. If there are colors you love do not be shy to use them because of an unspoken color “rule”. The trick is to concentrate on texture and what will create that vibe that will set the perfect wedding mood.

Turn To the Color Wheel

Typically colors that work well together are ones that are opposite from each other on the wheel. Other color pairing that work are colors that share a primary color. Looking at the color wheel can help inspire you. You will be able to see colors that work together and those that could just don’t.

Do Not Think Too Much

Your color palette should speak to you. Let it set the vibes you want for your special day. If you want a calm intimate feel go for warmer darker colors, rather than bright colors. There are no set rules to what your color palette should be, or a strict palette you should stick to. It is all about how you feel and how the colors make your special day feel.

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