Handle Your Corporate Event Like a Boss

Handle Your Corporate Event Like a Boss
Have you been given the responsibility of handling your company’s next corporate event? Don’t let otherwise minor details become major mistakes!

From budgeting to execution on the night of, we’ve got a few crucial guidelines to follow to make sure you event is a hit!
Here are just a few ideas to get your started:
1. Develop a plan: The first thing you want to do is get your goals, ideas and timelines on paper; that way you can refer back and won’t forget the things you need! Do you have a theme in mind? What type of group will you be entertaining? You don’t want to plan a Coca-Cola themed party for a group of Pepsi employees.
2. Know your budget: Make a list of the things you want at your event and then determine what your budget will allow for. How much money have you been given to plan the event? You want to make sure to spend more on items of higher priority.
3. Make it fun for your guests: Do you want to send your guests home with a gift? Maybe you want live entertainment? Either way, you want your guests to remember your party in a positive light and sometimes a fun gift or a dance party can do the trick. Just be sure to refer back to your budget for those kinds of extras.
4. Take Pictures: If your event is going well then you want to capture those moments for your employees. They can be shared later on your company site or they can even be hung around the office to boost morale on a regular basis.
5. Find a fantastic caterer: You don’t want your guests to go hungry, and you definitely want them to enjoy the food, so we can certainly help you out here. Most of the time, great food alone can make for an excellent event. Give us a call to discuss your wants and needs and let us help make your event a success!

For additional ideas and tips, check out this Corporate Event Planning Guide http://visual.ly/roadmap-successful-event


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