Let them Eat Cake Pops!

We love having fun and trying new things with our food stations at any event; It’s how we keep things interesting, not to mention trendy and current. We consider our catering to be a direct reflection of the potential tone of the events we take on, so the more exciting our food is, the more exciting the event could be.

If you’re event will have a good bit of movement and mingling amongst your guests, you’re going to want foods and desserts that are easy to access and snack on while chatting with other partygoers and migrating from one area to the next every few minutes.

When it comes to desserts, cake pops are not only simple to grab and eat, they’re aesthetically appealing and can even make for fun conversation starters. Not to mention there are so many variations of flavors and themes you can use to make them. We’ve used them in numerous events and they’re a hit every time.

Vanilla is a classic, do-no-wrong flavor. You could add different icing options to these to appeal to a larger crowd.

Red Velvet
Another classic flavor, these red velvet pops bring in everyone’s favorite topping – sprinkles!

Lemon Cake
While this flavor may not appeal to everyone, it’s sure to be a hit with those that enjoy lemon-flavored desserts.

German Chocolate Cake
German chocolate cake pops? Now we’re getting creative- and even tastier. We’re ready to grab a handful of these bad boys just looking at them.

Strawberry Shortcake
There’s fruit in them so they’re healthy, right? These strawberry shortcake pops are like a dessert version of the mullet: business on the outside, party on the inside.

No matter what flavors you choose, cake pops are a fairly simple yet impressive dessert option for just about any event and they can be as simplistic or fancy as you’d like for them to be. Check out the cake pops and other fun food items we prepared for a Hilton event last year, on our Facebook page.

Be sure to let us know which recipes you go with and how they turn out!

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