New Ideas for a New Year’s Party

New Ideas for a New Year’s Party

A New Year’s party is probably one of the most anticipated parties of the year (It is the first event of the year, after all). If you’re hosting, we’ve found a few simple, yet trendy ideas for you to add to your event to make it extra memorable for you and your guests.

  1. New Year’s Fortune Cookies

Celebrating the new year is all about a fresh start and making changes in your life for the better. Put positive thoughts in the minds of your guests by creating New Year’s Fortune Cookies. If you’ve got the time, you can create multiple phrases, quotes, etc. But a simple “Wishing you good fortune in the New Year” should be just as effective.

  1. Champagne Changeup

Champagne on New Year’s is a given. Champagne floats? Those are unexpected. How about a champagne Shirley Temple? Have you ever even heard of a champagne margarita? Give your guests multiple options for their New Year’s toast with a “Bubbly Bar,” offering variations of cocktails incorporating champagne. Of course, we would recommend keeping the classic stuff out just in case. Some people just prefer ol’ faithful.

  1. Kiss Me Kit

Regardless of your event’s theme, takeaways are always fun for guests. For a New Year’s Party, what better treat to gift your guests than a “Kiss Me Kit?”

These perfectly Pinterest-y gift bags include all your New Year’s Eve essentials:

Mini bottle of champagne with straws


Noise Makers

Lip Balm

Orbit Gum

These kits will ensure your guests are ready to lock lips with their New Year’s kiss. They can thank you later.

Feeling inspired? Even if you’ve already begun planning your New Year’s party, these simple items can be incorporated last-minute. As always, if you’re in need of additional event planning guidance, follow us on Pinterest at

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