Trendy Interactive Bars

Every couple wants their wedding to be extra special, memorable and meaningful to guest and family. Your wedding is a celebration of love, but ultimately the goal is to throw a seriously epic party that will have friends and family talking about it for years to come. A unique experience will leave a lasting impression on your guest. Trending now are unique bars; whether it is a food or drink bar, its budget friendly and your guest will be excited!

Let us help you get inspired, here are some of our favorite bars.


For those early weddings and early starters a make –your-own mimosa bar is perfect. Set with a variety of fruits, juices and champagne, a mimosa bar will bring color into your wedding and can even be played off the color scheme.

Candy Apples

Perfect for a fall wedding, candy apples is a fun idea that will have your guest creativity sparking. Provide different options like M&M’s, cashews even caramel popcorn crumbles. There is no crazy idea for this make-your-own bar.

Mac & Cheese

For a southern feel, a mac & cheese station would be perfect. With toppings like bacon, mushroom, onion, ham and peppers this bar will have your guest mouths watering. Mac & Cheese is simply noodles and cheese so pretty much anything goes!


Give your guest a little laid back feel with this taco bar. They will love how they can customize to their hearts content. When it comes to tacos, the options are truly endless. Not only will they have the option of build-your-own taco, you can also incorporate a make-your-own salsa and margarita bar. All this fun work can make your guest a bit thirsty!


One of the most popular and never dull bars would be the candy bar. Everyone is always up for some sweets. Whether they are building their own candy bag, or filling up a mason jar with their favorite sweets, this bar will sure have your guest thrilled and feeling like kids again.

We hope this sparked some fun unique ideas for you. For more fun and creative ideas, follow Legacy Catering and Events on Pinterest.

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