Wait, What?! Its ALMOST December?!

What happened to all the time?  Okay – you realize you need to host that holiday party and things slipped away, so panic is tapping you on the shoulder. Don’t worry – you MIGHT not have to spend two hours at Whole Foods spending a (nice) car payment on ingredients and then spend countless hours planning and prepping food, and trying to get your house in order (where DO people find the time?) all while worrying about how you can make this Christmas party special.

As it turns out, this is the BEST time of year to get your special event catered! Yes, you have heard “isn’t this the time of year that caterers are the busiest?!” but you might be surprised to learn, that some actually DO have open dates still – AND are looking for new Atlanta customers. Here are a couple of tips. First – give up on Saturdays or Thursdays – the people with Time On Their Hands™ already booked those weeks ago. Second – don’t assume the pricing will be “premium” – Lots of great deals can be had. Third – don’t waste anymore time – since you are NOT the only one going through this very process at this very moment! Grab whatever device you need and let’s get cracking!

Pick a few dates that will work, figure out your head count, and when you want things to get started – then reach out to a few reputable catering companies – you will be surprised at what you find.  Some might be booked, but others will have openings and will want to work with party planners like you. The best ones can help with ALL the details – they can recommend what to get for the bar, refer you to a good florist, even suggest a musician to add some ambiance to your evening. The good ones make it easy for you – they literally take care of everything.

Besides picking some nice wines, there should not be anything you have to do but pick a menu. And maybe not even that. It’s called Chef’s Choice. When you let your caterer pick the menu for you, they LOVE that since the Chef’s already have about sixty bazillion menu items going on this time of year, so keeping it simple rocks their worlds. And you will probably get a better deal on your price.

Have them provide some passed apps for when your guests arrive, then some elegant comfort foods for a nice dinner buffet; let your bartender take care of the libations (maybe have them create a special drink for the occasion!). And DESSERTS. Yes, of course. Afterall, December IS the month when none of the calories count – it’s a Fact – you can look it up!

Mingle, Relax – enjoy the night. Take some pictures – your friends, colleagues, family enjoying a relaxing evening, the elegant food displays, the cocktails. You look around and see how easy it all turned out to be.

As you close the door, and look at your honey, it is then you realize – there is nothing to clean up – no dishes, no trash – its like the party never even happened (this is why we say take pictures!). And you also realize, that you had more fun than all those people with Time On Their Hands™ ever will since you did not spend months worrying about the details – you just knocked it out in a couple of days looking like a pro!

May your holidays be wonderful, and full of cheer, great food and delicious cocktails! (And don’t forget to call us and book your holiday event!)

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